Advanced Spanish

Spanish for Advanced learners

If you have reached the advanced level in your Spanish studies, you can be very proud of yourself. It is not easy to get this far and at this level it is really all about tricky grammatical rules, common mistakes (that even natives make!) and the cultural aspects of the language that set it apart from other languages.

Below you will find a small collection of what I consider advanced Spanish. It contains some common mistakes I have seen my students make. Again, I believe that at this level you will be so good that you can learn most things by yourself. For example by reading good Spanish books etc.

Using tenses correctly

"Si debiera escoger una lengua, escogería español"
If I had to choose a language, I would choose Spanish.

"Cuando oyó estas cosas, Juana se entusiasmó."
When she heard these things, Juana got excited.
"¿En qué estaban pensando?"

What were they thinking of?
Mistakes that even native Spanish speakers make

Correct way of saying it: Voy a enseñarles a mis niños como cantar.
Incorrect way of saying it: Voy a enseñarle a mis niños como cantar.

Correct way of saying it: Había cuatro coches.
Incorrect way of saying it: Habían cuatro coches.

Correct way of saying it: No conozco al chico que vive con mi hermana.
Incorrect way of saying it: No conozco al chico viviendo con mi hermana.

Phrases and expressions

Cuantos más, mejor.   -   The more the better.

Más vale maña que fuerza.   -   Brain is better than brawn.

El mundo es un pañuelo.   -   Small world!

[Lit.: The world is a handkerchief.]

Advanced Spanish is useful

With this small yet useful collection of example phrases of Spanish for advanced Spanish learners, you can see that reaching this level is not an easy task. The good news is that you don't HAVE to reach this level to be fluent in Spanish. Whatever your amibition is, there is always help you can count on from Spanish Word-a-Day!

I hope this will help you learn Spanish online and is a good source for you to learn Spanish for free!

Have fun!  Saludos,  Chris