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Thank you for this wonderful page! I love Spain and I think your word a day is the coolest way to keep up the language! It's great! Written by Administrator 848
Dear Chris, Thank you very much for your teach by email. But I dont have good system in my country. So I could not read all the things you sent to me. Therefore I can not learn from here. Thank you very much for your help to understand about Spanish. Have Written by Administrator 760
Wow!! the Spanish word a day photo album is awesome! thank you so much. I look forward to getting my word of the day, thanks again, what a great website you have :) Susan Written by Administrator 979
thank you sir.i m realy impress of your technique. i like too much. sir like this sending me daily new words with their usage in different sentences. Written by Administrator 825
hi chris, i'm so happy to writte to you this letter to tell you how much i'm happy . Because of you , and because of this word a day i start learning spanish and i founded so easy as a foreign language .and more than that you are great teacher and your Written by Administrator 832
Chris, I am glad you clarified the words "mantequilla" and "manteca". I have always used "mantequilla" for the word butter. Yesterday when we rec'd our word for the day and it was "manteca" and it showed the English word as "butter", I was very confuse Written by Administrator 867
Im trying my best to work this out amigo. I hope to learn it as best as I can . though Im a Filipina, I was very eager to learn it. thank you somuch. I hope this wont last. ItI want you to be proud of me someday.. Written by Administrator 777
Chris, Have really enjoyed your daily e mails. Since I'm in the US, it's also important to know what words are, and aren't used in Mexico and Latin America. For example a Mexican aquaintance tells me that "caldear" is not common. Haven't polled other Written by Administrator 690
Hola Chris Thanks for your help. You make learning spanish so fun and easy. I just wanted to ask how can I write accented spanish words using my computer. For example, how can I get the accent on the second "a" in quedara? Thanks Written by Administrator 709
Hi Chris, It's a great pleasure knowing you and thank you so much for the opportunity availed to me online. I'm from India (Mumbai). I'm very much interested in learning Spanish. I try to learn through Spanish Word-a-Day. But I don't know how to pronounce Written by Administrator 4041