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Thanks for coming back.. by the way you look so good like a Hollywood star. I really appreciate your email that I learn something from you about Spanish. Have a nice day. Jose C. Mendez Written by Administrator 750
Hi Chris! First, thank you for creating such a useful tool. I am already learning so much on SWAD! Second, I think its really important to learn another language by immersion. In addition to taking classes, perhaps you might want to talk about how impor Written by Administrator 675
Thanks Chris, as usual for the excellent fodder. As a British English speaker of nearly 70 years I have never heard of an 'odd duck'. 'Rare bird' for an unusual person is quite common, but a little antique. Your translation regarding ventanas reminds me Written by Administrator 816
Hi Chris - I have four year old and I am particularly interested in Spanish language schools that also have programs for children. I recently was in Puerto Vallarta and was delighted to come across a school that does. Now, it is at the top of my list fo Written by Administrator 631
The British English idiomatic equivalent of "un bicho raro" is "odd duck", as in "Mrs. Hyacinth Bucket is a bit of an odd duck." Saludos, Doug Archerd Written by Administrator 973
Dear Chris Short of being born Spanish and/or living in a Spanish country for a year or so, can you rank in order the most important ways/techniques to learn Spanish? Perhaps you can throw this out to your readers. (Top 5 should do.) 1. Spanish Word-a Written by Administrator 671
Hello Chris, I am very happy with my plus membership......Your SWADs are always fresh and alive...and inspiring! Our headlines here in south Florida just read that it may be weeks away to legitimate educational trips to Cuba out of Florida.....I included Written by Administrator 641
Hi Chris, The photo you included today is very moving. Thank you for choosing it to share. Saludos, MariLú Written by Administrator 837
It is truly fun to be in this program of Word-a-day with all around it. Thank you very much. I enjoy it. Me gusta mucho. !Muchas gracias! Leo Written by Administrator 796
Hola Chris! Buenos dias! Encantado de conocerte. gracias por ser mi maestro. tener un buen día! Written by Administrator 993