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Hi Chris, Just to let you know how much I enjoy the "Word a day". I shall be in Nerja this week trying my new found skills on the locals. All the best Albert Written by Administrator 807
hola, Chris, boy, i wanted escribirte en español, pero i am such a klutz! anyway, qué quieres decir es que ese monthly quiz is very helpful, but not demanding in anyway. some spanish lessons take too much of one's time maybe that's why people lose intere Written by Administrator 692
Me gusta aprender Espanol!!! Thank you Chris, My life become more interesting, because of you. Valcho. Written by Administrator 1012
Since I started to attend to spanish word a day Iam becoming better each time and I love to continue with this chris. Iam so determined.Thanks becky Written by Administrator 858
Thanks Chris, it sounds really interesting - me gusta aprender español y me gusta la comida Jamaican. Adios. Olive Maragh Written by Administrator 1000
Thank You. I geet your e-mail every day. And I know basic Spanish. So the words are not so difficult for me. Thank You, again! Written by Administrator 895
Muchisimas Gracias por la palabra que es tu ta embya cada dia. Soy aprendo muchos palabras de espaniol . Written by Administrator 927
Thank you so much for helping me learn spanish. I would like to learn it as fast as possible sicne I would be shortly visiting a spanish speaking area in Texas. One doubt about pronunciation..is spanished spoken in a way similar to Latin /Italian? Thank Written by Administrator 690
Dear Chris, Thankos for your Spanish programe. i will try my best to learn Spanish, i love Spanin so much and wish went there some day.. Have fun. Joli Written by Administrator 983
Dear Chris thanks for sending me words and phrases every day i am learning spanish thats great and i am very happy with this programe thank you so much. sir what dose ¡Hasta pronto! means ? thanks Written by Administrator 802