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Hi Chis, Thank you so much for your emails, I enjoy these each time I receive them! I will be attending a language school in Malaga in a few weeks through Spanish Abroad.org. Thanks again, Carissa Written by Administrator 764
I think your Spanish expression 'estar hasta la bandera' meaning to be packed/to overflow must be a little like the expression in English where if I packed far too much when going on holiday my husband would say that "I had packed everything but the kitch Written by Administrator 767
Hi Chris, muchas gracias por tu trabajo bueno diario. Recuerde a mi. Hace 5 anos no puedo hablar o escribe espanol, pero paso y paso es mejor. Muy bien fin de semana, ¡Hasta luego y muchos saludos! Written by Administrator 847
Once again I just want to say how much I like receiving my Spanish Word-a-Day, Chris. Today I want to say that I especially like the "idioms" - those phrases that are used in everyday life that don't mean what their literal translation is. In English we Written by Administrator 850
Made this Gazpacho you recommended for tomorrows dinner with Parker and Debbie. I am also having turkey picatta and rice and orzo cooked in chicken broth with parsley. I love this site! Written by Administrator 781
Hola Chris! Gracias por todos! Es muy bonito aprender Spanish Word - a - Day. Cada dia una palabra o frase es realmente util! Yo nunca me doy por vencida! SALUDOS desde BELGRADO! Written by Administrator 832
Hey Chris ! Just wanna thank you for this amazing work !! I'm really enjoying the spanish word a day. It is quite helpful, my spanish is getting better day after day ;) keep up the good work, we will do the same ;) Mucho gracias amigo. saludos Omar Written by Administrator 721
thanx alot chris............this website is wonderfull ....:):) Written by Administrator 928
Holla Mr.Chirs, Sorry i had been out of the city for 3weeks.so i stopped learing. Now I would like to contiune spanish learning. yours Spanish Word-a-day.com is an awesome site its help Written by Administrator 684