Learn Spanish Audio

Why it is easier to learn Spanish with audio

As you start your Spanish learning journey you should think carefully of how you want to learn the language and why. Humans are programmed by nature to “listen and repeat”. That is how we learn languages when we are still a child. So I suggest you focus first on listening to Spanish audio first and repeat in order to learn.

Of course as we have grown up, we can now also learn words and sentences by reading them and trying to memorize them. Research has shown that the retention rate of learn with Spanish text versus learn Spanish audio is much lower. What this means is that you have to listen and learn from Spanish audio in order to improve fast. This becomes clear when you are trying to speak. You will find it easier if you have already heard it in an audio track before.

From Spanish Word-a-Day we have prepared a “Learn Spanish” audio that will help you every day with learning new Spanish words. All you have to do is click on the “audio” link and listen to learn the new material. The idea is that you make this a daily routine and over time you will see how your Spanish will improve considerably.

I recommend that you sign up to the program and enjoy the free audios before you decide to join the full PLUS program. Our primary goal is to have you learn as much as possible, without requiring you to make a huge effort every day. Languages are not learnt over night. It takes time, but with Spanish audio it is possible!