Learn Spanish Language

Do you want to learn the Spanish language?

If you are serious about it, do you really want to learn the Spanish language? Or do you simply want to get by in Spanish? You see, there are many reasons for wanting to learn Spanish. And you have to be sure what your reason it for starting to learn Spanish.

I always tell my students this. Only if you know what you are learning it for will you be able to pick the right course for learning the language. Imagine that all you really need is to speak some Spanish during your vacation in Mexico. This would require a totally different approach to when you need Spanish for the job.

Here are some top 10 reasons for why you may want to learn the Spanish language:

1. Communicate with 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide
Spanish has become the second most important language in the world after English. Make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to speak to so many people!

2. Enrich your life by getting to know other cultures
Being able to understand Spanish is being able to learn about other cultures. You can now see how other people live and learn from each other.

3. Train your brain
Learning Spanish is actually a pretty good and fun way to keep those brain cells working. Many people find they can think better as a result.

4. Create a better travel experience
Everybody knows the situation: You stand in a shop in Mexico, but you can’t make yourself understood. In the end you pay twice as much as you should have... all because you didn’t know the basic Spanish to get by. :)

5. Understand Spanish songs and movies
The songs and movies that are produced in Hispanic countries are absolutely marvelous. But we don’t always appreciate them enough because we can’t understand what they are saying unless it is translated. If you learn Spanish, it will open a whole world up for you!

6. Find a Spanish partner
Maybe it is your dream to have a Spanish speaking partner in your life and to raise your kids bilingually. It is all that much easier to do this if you already know some Spanish.

7. Study abroad
When you study abroad, you will find that the courses will be in English, but the interaction between students and teachers is still in Spanish. To get the most out of your “study abroad” experience, learn Spanish!

8. Understand people in your neighborhood
As society is getting more mixed, we find ourselves surrounded by people who speak another language. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could also understand them?

9. Get a better job
A lot of business goes through Spanish speaking countries. Don’t let others get ahead of you!

10. Enjoy life!

So, for whatever reason you want to learn Spanish as language, you will have to make a plan and see how to go about it. Spanish Word-a-Day allows you to learn vocabulary specific to your area of interest. And maybe more importantly, it is always complementary to your other Spanish courses. If you are seriously considering to learn the Spanish language, then you should sign up for SWAD and enjoy the ride.

If you want to know learn more about the Spanish language, I recommend you check this page.

How can I learn Spanish language more quickly?

You have to think about what you can do. What is realistic? The absolute fastest way to learn a language is to go and live in a country where they speak that language. Communicate with real people, ask them to teach you basics, make a 24 hour effort to listen and speak Spanish. That will work wonders!

Saludos from your friend,