Learn Spanish Phrases

The most effective ways to learn Spanish phrases

Those who think that simply learning a lot of words is enough to master a language, think again. You will find that it is actually a lot more effective if you learn Spanish phrases instead. The method used by Spanish Word-a-Day is a combination of both: You learn a word, and immediately with it a phrases where that word is used. That way you are more likely to remember and be able to use the word!

How to learn Spanish phrases?
Many people have asked me whether I could advice them on how to learn useful Spanish phrases. Well, there is one simple rule: learn what you enjoy learning first! That is why at Spanish Word-a-Day you learn targeted vocabulary. Because you can learn the Spanish in the context of a particular situation or surrounding.

Another important way to learn Spanish phrases is to learn them by listening to them. You should always listen to the audio of the phrases and then try to say it yourself. This will improve your own speaking skills and help you remember the phrases better.

Of course, after you have learned a few Spanish phrases, you should also be sure that you check your progress. So make sure you take part in the weekly quizzes to test your understanding and to record your score. You can later build up on your level and keep working on those things you have not mastered just yet. I always recommend you to practice the newly learned phrases on other people. This way you are guaranteed to remember the stuff in the long run!

When learning a language, it can sometimes seem overwhelming when you dive into the grammar, the rules, the verbs... but honestly, take a deep breath and relax: ALL you need to learn to get started, are phrases!! Specific phrases that help you grasp the tonality of the language and that will later help you understand Spanish better.

There is no need to worry about grammar at this point, because you can easily start speaking a language just by implementing the sentences that you have learned in a real life scenario. Why not find a learn buddy and learn a phrase a day together?

What is the most useful Spanish phrase?
„Hola, ¿donde está ...?“ is probably the single most important, since it allows you to ask for the directions. You can simply put anything you want at the end of that sentence and you wil be able to get at least some answer that can help you continue your travels.