Learn Spanish Vocabulary

Tips and tricks on how to learn Spanish vocabulary easily

Have you ever noticed that the main reason for not being able to speak Spanish is because you are missing the right vocabulary for the right moment? It happened to me all the time. I wanted to say something, but I just couldn’t find the right word. I needed to learn more Spanish words!

So I came to the conclusion that I needed a quick, fun and easy method to learn more words. When I started teaching Spanish, I realised that many people were struggling with the same thing. Everyone wanted to learn a lot of Spanish vocab, but wasn’t sure of how exactly to go about it.

Here are my tips and tricks:

1) Make learning a daily routine. This means that you will have to accommodate a little Spanish in your daily life. If you are very busy, then go for just one word every morning. If you have more time every day, then you should really try to learn at least three words that have somehting in common. for example: learning “car”, “wheel” and “road” all in one day can really help you learn Spanish vocabulary much faster than normal.

2) Learn Spanish vocabulary that actually interests you. This is important, because it has been shown that students remember much better what they are really interested in. So if you love playing hockey, then start learning the vocab for your sport. You will see how much progress you will make, I promise!

3) Repeat, repeat, repeat. It is absolutely vital that you don’t just read the vocabulary once. If you learn a new word in the morning, make sure you try to remember it again in the evening and then read it again before you go to sleep. the next day, read the new word and also repeat the previous day’s word.

If you are serious about learning Spanish vocabulary, then you need to have a simple, yet fun and effective method for doing so. Get yourself one of those small notepads and collect all the vocabulary you have learned. Every weekend you can then sit down and review the vocab of the week. Of course, I would strongly suggest that you start using the Spanish Word-a-Day to learn Spanish vocabulary. It has helped thousand of student already.

I hope this helps!