Learning Spanish Language

My 5 Tips on 'Learning Spanish Language'

So many people have asked me whether I have some easy-to-follow recommendations on the best ways to learning the Spanish language. That’s why I have now put together my top 5 Tips for you to follow. If you follow these, you will see your Spanish improve consistently over time. Most importantly though: It is up to you, and nobody else, to make the effort and make learning the Spanish language as easy and fun as possible!

1. Surround yourself with the language
If you really want to get into learning Spanish language then you have to make Spanish part of your daily life. Spanish Word-a-Day helps you do this by sending you bite sizes of Spanish via several channels (email, twitter, facebook, iPhone, RSS, etc.).

2. Listen to Spanish audio
This you can do in several ways. Of course Spanish Word-a-Day provides you with fitting audio files for your words and phrases. There is also a weekly section for you to improve your listening skills.

3. Learn together with other people
Humans are social animals. You should make learning Spanish language a part of your social life. This will serve two purposes: a) You will have more fun, and b) You will have the pressure from your friends to keep learning!

4. Travel to a Spanish-speaking country
To really get into it, you should spend at least some time of the year in a place where everybody speaks Spanish. This will give you a very intensive Spanish experience and you will learn faster than ever before.

5. Repeat, repeat, repeat!
Learning Spanish language as a baby is no different than learning it when you are an adult. You have to repeat the words and phrases as often as you need, until you simply have them “in you”.

I hope these tips help you somewhat with your Spanish language learning experience. Most of the above you will get automatically when you are part of the Spanish Word-a-Day community.

Are most people learning Spanish as a foreign language?
Spanish is by far the most popular foreign language on the planet. In the USA about 53% of all people who learn a foreign language are learning Spanish. And it is no surprise, because of all the cultural advantages that come with it: Great food, great travel experiences and the Spanish music.. and so much more!

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