Online Spanish Courses

Everything you need to know about online Spanish courses

You have probably often thought about what’s better to do: attending Spanish class in you nearest Spanish school, or enrolling into one of the many Spanish courses on the internet. The good news is that: this depends entirely on you. Some people prefer one, others prefer the other. Both can work miracles for your Spanish and all you have to do is figure out which one is best for you. In the following I will help you with some of what I have learned.

You need to know, that online Spanish courses have many clear benefit over normal “classroom” courses. Some of the most significant ones being:

1. Learn in your own free time, whenever suits you best. This is something you cannot do when you are enrolled in a classroom course. I personally find it very easy to learn Spanish whenever I want and feel that I have the energy to do it. It gives me more control. But you have to be disciplined for this.

2. Learn at your own pace. You can imagine how annoying it is when your fellow classmates are slower than you are, and you don’t learn as much as you could. You end up wasting your time waiting for people who don understand Spanish as fast as you do. With online Spanish courses you will in fact be able to go as fast (or slow) as you want.

3. You choose the content of your lessons. This is true for most online Spanish courses. You can select what interests you and then learn around that topic. This is also an important part of Spanish Word-a-Day: you learn around a theme that interests you.

4. You do not need to embarrass yourself in front of others. Online you can learn in a room, all on your own, make your first attempts at speaking those strange sounding words in Spanish. No need to embarrass yourself in front of others, until you got the hang of it.

Many people these days prefer to start learning Spanish online rather than in a classroom. More advanced speakers often choose to go to intensive classes or to take part in a Spanish summer school. Both of which are really great if you want to boost your Spanish to the next level.