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You can have an absolutely natural life, when you are at home at this unique, amazing, quiet and rustic 'Finca del Azahar'. You are looking for peace and silence, no neighbours, an area which looks like a park, and even your own waterfall? This place is the right one for you. The finca is build on a massive plot of more than 54000 m2. It has three natural water springs that will give you continuous water, and also a lake where the water from the springs accumulates.

The plot is situated in a valley between the mountains. Originally, it is a 100 years old finca, but was renovated in 2000 and fitted with modern standards: heat pump (water/water), solar panels (heated water), underfloor heating, drink water line from the spring directly to the kitchen, air conditioning, windows with double glas and thermalit. This gives it a great character and atmosphere. The house is composed of different buildings. The main house, the guesthouse, a separated gym, and two extra buildings that at this moment are used as an atelier. Also an extra little building used for storage. On this property you will have no water bill, as you have the water springs that will give you fresh clean natural water from the mountains. Just amazing! The good thing about this property is that it is in a natural area where you will find peace, but it is also close to all the amenities. Not too far from the shops and the beach is 25 minutes away. Do you like to swim but do not care too much about the beach? Take a dive in the pool, which is 18 meters long. Or think green and swim in the emerald green water of the lake that belongs to the property, everything again with fresh water from the springs. Just another extra nice feature of the property are the approximately 100 avocado trees on the plot. This place is a MUST SEE !!!


Location: near Malaga in Andalucia.
Year of Construction: 1900
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 5
Living Area: 450 sqm
Plot surface: 54,650 sqm


* Main House
* Cottage + stables
* Air conditioning
* Swimming pool
* Patio
* Three springs (drinking water!)
* Natural lake
* Solar power

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