Spanish Grammar Exercises

Helping you learn Spanish grammar with great exercises

There are many approaches to learning Spanish, one of which means a systematic practicing of grammar. The other is by immersion into the language without learning the rules. At Spanish Word-a-Day we believe that it is absolutely vital to do both. You will need exercises and regular training as well as a full immersion on a daily basis.

One such methods are our Spanish grammar exercises. They are designed to teach you grammar at all levels. Basic grammar is vital in order to know how you can use the words that you have learned. It is important that you never stop using the exercises, since they are the only way you will improve over time. They only take 2 minutes out of your day, so you have no excuse. :)

The exercises take you through the basic, intermediate and advanced Spanish grammar. If you get stuck at any point, you can either go back and repeat the exercise or you can call upon help with the “help” button. These type of Spanish exercises will definitely deepen your experience and create a special bond between you and the language.

Feel free to create your own grammar exercises for your Spanish learning. The more you are involved in the learning process (with includes the teaching process), the more you will learn in a short time. So I recommend: exercise your grammar as much as you can!