Spanish Lessons

What are good Spanish lessons?

Good Spanish lessons starts with a good plan. If you think that you want to learn Spanish, then you have to first think about what kind of learner you are. Do you learn best when you learn for hours straight? Or do you get bored easily? Do you prefer all-Spanish, or Spanish-English materials? Do you prefer to go to your Spanish lesson, or do you prefer to work at home, whenever it suits you best and at our own pace?

All these questions need to be considered when you are planning your Spanish learning path. The reason that most people never get to grips with Spanish, is because they chose the wrong type of lessons. Let me explain some more about the type of Spanish lessons that I have put together for Spanish Word-a-Day.

My experience has taught me that if you want good Spanish lessons, the method you chose to learn is as important as your own determination to learn it. Most importantly, it has to include the following three ingredients for success:

1) It has to be quick – while it should be part of your daily life, it should not take more than a few minutes of your time! We all have busy lives!

2) Memorable - Context, context, and context! The Spanish you learn has to be REALLY useful! Too often the standard textbook materials do not qualify as REALLY interesting.

3) Fun – believe it or not, there is no bigger motivator than FUN. ;) From the moment I started teaching, I have always ensured that there is a FUN element to engage the attention of my students during the lessons, like “What’s today’s Spanish joke?”, “Did you see the picture of Chris in Spain?”, or “Guess what ‘Dude’ means in Spanish slang!”.

Thanks to these ingredients, Spanish Word-a-Day has become one of the most effective tools to learn Spanish. For the last five years, I have helped thousands of Spanish learners from all around the world to improve their Spanish lessons. The result: More than 26,000 people have joined and the number is growing every day!

I hope these insights will help you like so many others to get a deep insight into the Spanish Language. If you have questions or suggestions, please send me an email. I am always happy to hear from you!

How many Spanish lessons do I need to become fluent?

This will vary from person to person. Some people start speaking the language quite naturally after only 15 or 20 lessons. Others really need to work at it for a couple of months before they feel comfortable saying anything in Spanish.

What is important, is that you always pick lessons that are at theright level for you. Here I have a small collection of Spanish that you should know at different levels:

Beginner Spanish Lesson
Intermediate Spanish Lesson
Advanced Spanish Lesson

I hope this help. :)

Happy learning!

Saludos from Spain,

Spanish Teacher and creator of the Spanish Word-a-Day Program


PS: Here are two sites that I can recommend for you to take a look for spanish lessons and more:

- The About page with Spanish material to get started.

- The BBC section for Spanish.