by Ramón J. Sender

El relato es de una perfecta sobriedad y de una sencillez profunda y estremecedora.'

This month I would like to recommend the Requiem to my Spanish Word-A-Day readers.

For me, this book is somehow special. The relationship between Mosén Millán and his young friend is our guideline throughout the story. Mosén Millán recalls the tragic succession of events which Sender uses to make you live through the fate of a little village during the Spanish civil war. For me that was absolutely fascinating.

Until now, the people in Spain have not forgotten the teachings of this period. Most of them remembered through the stories their grandfathers told them...

The ending of the story leaves you to think about justice and nationalism amongst other things. Then I went back to read the beautiful beginning again:

""Ahí va Paco el del Molino,
que ya ha sido sentenciado,
y que llora por su vida
camino del camposanto.""

Hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did!

Saludos, Christobal