by Gabriel García Márquez

This is one of my all-time favourites and I very specially recommend it to all Spanish Word-A-Day readers!
I have read it twice now. I promise: you won't stop reading until the very last page... and still then you will want to continue! It was like that for me.

Amazon rating: Best Book Ever.

Amazon's reviews:

I'm writing this review in English because my Spanish is bad. I picked this book up for many reasons. But there's 2 main reasons why I picked it up in Spanish: It's the language in which it was written and I wanted to brush up on my spanish. Little did I know however, that I was reading the BEST book that I have ever read. One thing people gotta understand about this book is that it was written a long time ago... ~40years ago? Something like that. And so, a lot of the ideas presented in the book have been duplicated since then. And if you know them, it might subtract from the magic the book provides.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez can't possibly be human, this is a true masterpiece! I highly recommend for people that know a little spanish or more, to read this book as there are some words and sentences that may be lost in translation.