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My 85+ favorite Spanish Jokes

Spanish jokes are are very effective in helping you learn Spanish. Why? - Because it is a lot of fun to dive into the Spanish language and culture like that. Jokes have always been popular with my students and I keep using Spanish Jokes and Riddles in my lessons today. Now I have created this collection of my favorite Spanish jokes.

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Mastering the Spanish language truly anf fully means that you also have to be able to understand the humor within the Spanish culture. As far as teaching is concerned, Spanish jokes are most difficult to translate, because the joke is often based on a word play that may be absolutely specific to the language.

Just browse through the collection of Spanish Jokes to familiarize yourself with the words and the humor. If you happen to know a good joke and want to give it a go translating it, feel free to send Chris an email or post it on the Facebook page of Spanish Word-a-day. Then everyone will be able to benefit from it! If you are looking for funny Spanish, you may want to check out this collection of funny Spanish phrases.

I hope this will help you learn Spanish online and is a good source for you to learn Spanish for free!

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Spanish Joke:

¿Qué es mejor, una pila o una suegra? - Una pila, porque por lo menos tiene un lado positivo.


English Translation:

What's better, a battery or a mother in law? - A battery, because at least it has a positive side!