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My 85+ favorite Spanish Jokes

Spanish jokes are are very effective in helping you learn Spanish. Why? - Because it is a lot of fun to dive into the Spanish language and culture like that. Jokes have always been popular with my students and I keep using Spanish Jokes and Riddles in my lessons today. Now I have created this collection of my favorite Spanish jokes.

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Mastering the Spanish language truly anf fully means that you also have to be able to understand the humor within the Spanish culture. As far as teaching is concerned, Spanish jokes are most difficult to translate, because the joke is often based on a word play that may be absolutely specific to the language.

Just browse through the collection of Spanish Jokes to familiarize yourself with the words and the humor. If you happen to know a good joke and want to give it a go translating it, feel free to send Chris an email or post it on the Facebook page of Spanish Word-a-day. Then everyone will be able to benefit from it! If you are looking for funny Spanish, you may want to check out this collection of funny Spanish phrases.

I hope this will help you learn Spanish online and is a good source for you to learn Spanish for free!

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Spanish Joke:

Llega un hombre, joven, buen mozo, varonil, atletico, en un lujoso coche deportivo a una tienda.

Se le acerca una mujer madura y le dice:

Acaso te llamas google?

No. Por que?

Porque tienes todo lo que busco.


English Translation:

A young man who is handsome, virile and athletic arrives at a shop in a luxury sports car.

An older woman asks him:

Is your name Google?

No. Why?

Because you have everything I want.

Spanish Joke:

Van dos monjas en una moto y al pasar por una curva donde todo el mundo se estrella pero ellas la pasan con facilidad y un policía que había por allí le pregunta a las monjas que como habían pasado la curva a lo que ellas le responden:

- El señor ha estado con nosotras.

Y el policia responde:

- ¡Multa por ir tres en la moto!


English Translation:

They are two nuns on a bike, driving through a curve where everyone crashes but they easily pass it and a cop who was there asked the nuns how they had managed the curve so easily. They respond:

- The Lord has been with us.

And the cop replies:

- In that case I have to give you a ticket for being three on the bike!

Spanish Joke:

Un francés quería ir a un safari y contrató a un guía
mexicano y se fueron al safari.

Estando en plena selva apareció un tigre, el mexicano
corrió y el francés le gritó:

"¡Esperra, esperra!"

Y el mexicano le reponde:

"No, no es perra ¡es tigre!"


English Translation:

A Frenchman went on a safari and hired a guide

While in the jungle they run into a tiger, and the Mexican started running away.
The Frenchman screamed:

"Wait, wait!" (note: esperra sounds like "it's a dog")

And Mexican reponded:

"No, no, it's not a dog. It's a Tiger!"

Spanish Joke:

Era una vez dos borrachos que se acuestan a dormir en una litera, y el borracho que está en la parte de arriba de la litera antes de dormirse comienza a rezar:
Con Dios me acuesto, con Dios me levanto, la Virgen María, y el Espíritu Santo. En eso se cae la litera y el borracho que está en la parte de abajo dice:
¿Vistes? ¡Eso pasa por estar durmiendo con tanta gente!


English Translation: