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Spanish Joke:


                        ¿Cuál es el colmo de un astronauta?
                        - Que su esposa sea una lunatica.  :-) :-)

English translation:

                        What is the most ridiculous thing that
                        could happen to an astronaut?
                        - That his wife is a lunatic. :-) :-)

                         [Note that in Spanish 'luna' is moon!]


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Start your day with a bit of Spanish culture and learn (or keep up) the Spanish language. Receive the Spanish word of the day, sometimes with jokes, five times a week via email!


Looking for something to laugh while you are learning? Then you should probably check out the collection of Funny Spanish Phrases!


So, why learn Spanish with Spanish Word-a-Day? 


Spanish Word-a-Day sends out five emails a week so that each time you check your emails you also learn some Spanish! The Spanish Word of the Day service includes the following:


- Learn Spanish with the Spanish word of the day

- Audio example of how to pronounce the word

- An example sentence showing how the word is used

- Sinónimos

- A nice picture taken in Spain

- Occasional jokes, riddles and other things out of a Spanish life!

- Occasional grammatical insights

- Book reviews of Spanish books (in English)


It is intended to be a Spanish contribution to everyone's life. It is absolutely free and there will never be any charges for receiving the Spanish word of the day via email and it's jokes.


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